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Novel app for even chores distribution

The idea for the app arose from a personal need. House chores have become a real burden on my husband and me. We live, work, host, and raise kids in our house. We felt the kids should own more chores and help around. When assigning chores to them, we always heard the same rant, "Why do I always have to do that?".

Chores Calc

No.1 clash in households - doing the dishes


After the project kickoff, I defined my research strategy and objectives. Understanding the target audience and their challenges were our priority. First, I built an online survey and shared it in various relevant communities (mostly moms). In just a few days, we received 12 submissions. Based on these, I identified 3 common pain points, which lead me to the next step

Chores Calc

Some of the open quulatative data recived


Based on the data, I wanted to form a deeper understanding of our users' goals, needs, experiences, and behaviors. Even though personas are not commonly used in the industry anymore, I created two of them. Since I had two very different segments in my data analysis (students with roommates and mothers) I thought this would bring valuable insights. . Both were based on user interviews and surveys, and I kept updating them throughout the project as we gathered more data. I used these personas whenever we wanted to step out of ourselves and reconsider our initial ideas.


A desktop version was created at first, which was then changed to a mobile app as research findings showed that many young roommates (students) struggle with chores and prefer to handle things on their phones.